Catalog number 001 – Preventorio A, Montjuïc Castle

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July 19, 1938

Source:, lot CT23

This stationery postcard (with serial number A6429094) is a clear example of the tight communication conditions that the Republican Servicio de Información Militar imposed upon prisoners while in certain detention centers, specially those called “Preventorios”: only one post card per month was allowed wiht a maximum of 20 words, as noted by Francesc Badia in his book “Els camps de treball a Catalunya durant la guerra civil (1936-1939), pages 143 & following. The sender of this post card is Ferran Blasi Mora, identified by his signature and thanks to another post card sent from a prison in Girona , not related with the SIM and thus excluded from this study.


Comunicación mensual 20 palabras. No tengo autorización comida. No admiten más ropa: únicamente unos calzoncillos. PREOCUPAOS DE NUESTRA DEFENSA

Castillo de Montjuic, 19 Julio 1938.

Mis señas son: Preventorio A nº 187, Prisiones Militares, Muntaner, 55 bajos, BARCELONA


Monthly communication of 20 words. Food not authorized. No more clothes admitted: only a pair of socks. TAKE CARE OF OUR DEFENSE. Montjuïc Castle, July 19, 1938. Preventorium A. Nr. 187. Military Prisons. Muntaner 55, floor. Barcelona.

On the front there is a mark “CASTILLO DE MONTJUIC / PRISIONES MILITARES”. Muntaner 55 was the address used as mail office by SIM officials, and all correspondence addressed to prisoners had to be sent there, from where it was redirected to Preventories or Labor Camps.