Catalog number 003 – Preventorio C, former seminar

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October 9, 1938

Source:, lot CT039

Postal stationery Edifil 77N (with serial number A5972448) sent from Preventorio C in Barcelona (the Seminar). Unreadable date on the postmark, but text on the back dated on Oct 9, 1938. Sender’s info on the back: Juan Jorba , Preventorio C, Muntaner 55, Piso Principal (sala 1ª)

Transcription of the text:

Queridísima madre, estoy bien en Barcelona, en el Preventorio C. Puedes mandarme paquete comida a calle Muntaner 55. Recuerdos a todos, Juan Jorba. Juan Jorba, Preventorio C – Muntaner 55, Piso Principal (sala 1ª)


Dearest mother, I am all right in Barcelona, in Preventorio C. You can send me food to 55 Muntaner street. Regards to all, Juan Jorba. Juan Jorba, Preventrio C – Muntaner 55, Piso Principal (sala 1ª)

Big stains that make difficult to read the text.