Catalog number 005 – Preventorio E, Uruguay prison ship

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August 31, 1938

Source:, lot CT142

Stationery post card Edifil 77n (with serial number A6354386) addressed to the same prison ship than 004. The card is uprated with a 5c stamp Barcelona and has no postmark. Stamps are cancelled with blue pencil.

The text on the back is dated in Can Rull (a neighborhood of Sabadell) on August 31, 1938. This is the transcription:

Can Rull, 31-8-38,

Querido Rafael,

Seguimos bien. ¿Quieres ropa? Dime cual. Tengo toda la de Pins. Hoy haré diligencias para ti. Recuerdos. Tuya,


It is written in a telegraphic style. Probably, incoming mail for prisoners had a certain word limit for the texts. It is known outgoing texts had limits in most prisons and labor camps ruled by the SIM.

This is the translation:

Can Rull, Aug 31, 1938

Dear Rafael,

We are fine. Do you want clothes? I have all [clothes] from Pins. Today I’ll do diligences for you. Regards. Yours,