Catalog number 021 – Labor Camp Number 2

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July 2, 1938

Source:, lot CT136

Stationery postcard Edifil 77n (serial number A6078327) with no postmarks, but text on the back dated on July 2, 1938. Sender’s info on the front: Josep Blasi Mora, Camp Treball 2, 1ª Cia.



Estimada Agus,

Avui he rebut la teva postal 25/7 i també una carta d’en Farreró. Avui he rebut una capsa de cartró contenint un barret i prou; de totes formes encara falten repartir alguns paquets. Si veus a en Farreró pregunta-li lo del tabac. Si podeu envieume fruita i tomates, però ben acondicionats. Si teniu faba mòlta torneu-la a enviar. Acabo d’escriure a la Sones. Fes molts petons a tots i tu rep una forta abraçada a part dels petons, del teu germà, Pitus.


July 2, 1938

Dear Agus,

Today I’ve received your post card of July 25 [this is obviously a mistake, he may refer to June 25] and also a letter from Farreró. Today I’ve received a cardboard box containing only a hat and nothing else; by the way, there are still some packets to be delivered. If you see Farreró ask him about the tobacco. If you can send me fruit and tomatoes, but well packed. If you have grind beans send some again. I’ve just written to Sones. Give lots of kisses to all and a big hug for you with the kisses, from your brother, Pitus.