Catalog number 024 – Labor Camp Number 2

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July 8, 1938

Source:, lot number CT138

Stationery post card Edifil 77n (serial number A6529420) with flawn roller postmark printing, unreadable, but text on the back dated on July 8, 1938. Sender’s info on the front: José Blasi Mora, Campo Trabajo nº 2, 1ª Compañía, Base Turia nº 3.


Estimada Agus,

Encara a hores d’ara no he rebut la carta que deies que m’escrivies. Prent nota de l’adressa meva escrita a l’altre cantó de postal.

Cada setmana t’encarrego a lo millor lo que t’havia encarregat a l’anterior. Per evitar doncs confusions, cada vegada que m’envieu quelcom, envieu-me sempre que pogueu lo següent: llet condensada, cançalada, cacau, alguna conserva, tabac, etc. Lo que demani extraordinàriament és lo que demanaré cada vegada per escrit. Axís que vingui bé, envieu-me: el mono, espardenyes, postals, una camisa tela forta, 3 venes de 25mm, 1 botella yodo, una ida pota bou, cotó i gassa. No envieu mai roba que no demani, m’és un estorb.

No demano res més, sols que envaleu bé els paquets només amb cartró i paper. Molts petons al papa, a la mama, a la Sones i a tu.

Teu, Pitus



Dear Agus,

I’ve not received yet the letter you say you sent me. Take good note of my address, on the other side of this post card.

Every week I ask you for things that maybe I already requested on the previous week. To avoid confusions, each time you send me a packet put the following in it, if you can: caned milk, bacon, cocoa, some caned food, tobacco, etc. Each time I will explicitly ask for extra goods I may need. When you can, send me: coveralls, shoes, post cards, a shirt of strong clothing, three 25mm bandages, a bottle of iodo, cotton and gauze. Never send clothers if I don’t ask for them, as they are an impediment.

I don’t ask for anything else, just that yu send the packages well protected with cardboard and paper only. Lots of kisses for dad, mom, Sones and you.

Yours, Pitus

July 8, 1938