Catalog number 025 – Labor Camp Number 2

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July 18, 1838

Source:, lot CT140

Stationery post card Edifil 80n (serial number A6213814) with postmark “CORREO / MILITAR / 18 JUL 1938 / ESTADO MAYOR / MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA”. Text on the back dated on July 18, 1939 (obviously this is a mistake and the year should read 1938, as in the postmark). No sender’s info, but signature. Dates in the chronology the sender spent in Labor Camp nr. 2.



Estimada Agus,

No se si vaig escriuret dient que vaig rebre una postal de la Tresina, el cas és doncs que diu que contesti, i no se l’adressa que té.

Vaig escriure’t perquè m’enviessiu una camisa forta, uns pantalons o un mono, una cantimplora, uns trossos de corretja cuiro d’uns 10 a 25 mm ample per unes sandàlies, etc.

Aquí fa molta calor però estic bé. Fes molts petons a tots, i a tu per descomptat,



July 18, 1939

Dear Agus,

I don’t remember if I wrote you saying I got a post card from Tresina. She wants me to reply, but I don’t know her address.

I wrote you asking for a shirt with strong clothing, a pair of trousers, a coverall, a canteen, some pieces of strap of a width of 10 to 25mm for the sandals, etc.

It is very hot here, but I am fine. Lots of kisses for all and for you, of course,