Catalog number 026 – Labor Camp Number 2

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July 23, 1938

Source: in a private collection. Certified by, certificate number CT127

Stationery post card Edifil 78n (serial number A6860647) with mute postmark and International Brigades censor mark Heller 5a. Text on the back dated on July 23, 1938. No sender’s info, but signature. Dates in the chronology the sender spent in Labor Camp nr. 2. Only two other cards known with International Brigades marks circulated form a labor camp.


Estimada Agus, avui he rebut al mateix temps la carta i la postal 14/7. Espero rebre tot lo demanat: cantimplora, mono, espardenyes, noveles, barret, més cotó, benes, yodo i oxigenada, etc. El paquet de Lucky l’he rebut, els pots dellet també.Pensa a donarme l’adressa de la Sones per escriure-li. Aquí hi fa una caló pitjor que a la “infernal Mancha” segons en Sandoval, i les mosques mil vegades mes numeroses que a Artesa. Fes molts petons a la mama i al papa i a la Ne. Ja tornaré a escriuret al dilluns pròxim. Reb una forta abraçada.




Dear Agus, today I’ve received the letter and the post card you sent on July 14, at a same time. I hope to receive all what I’ve requested: canteen, overalls, espadrilles, novels, hat, more cotton, bandages, iodo & hydrogen peroxide, etc. I’ve got the Lucky cigarettes, and also milk cans.Remember to tell me Sones’ address to write to her. Here is a hot worst than in ‘infernal Mancha’ according to Sandoval, and flyes area thousand times more numerous than in Artesa. Give lots of kisses to dad, to mom and to Ne. Next Monday I’ll write to you again. Hughe hug,


July 23, 1938