Catalog number 030 – Labor Camp Number 2

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August 31, 1938

Source:, lot CT140

Stationery post card Edifil 79A (serial number A3703423), with Barcelona roller postmark dated on September 4, 1938 and text on the back dated on August 31, 1938. No sender’s info, but signature. Dates in the chronology the sender spent in Labor Camp nr. 2.



Estimada Agus,

Ahir vaig rebre la carta teva 24-8. Ja sabia que’l teu St. era aquest mes, però no sabia el dia exacte. Va el regal: fa dies vaig enviarte unes postals que demanava una boina i unes espardenyes. Enviame-las, las necesito urgenment. Vaig rebre el paquet el dilluns amb un troç de cansalada, 1/2 pa, avellanes, 2 venes, axigenada, cotó, fil i agulles. Fa una semana vaig rebre 1 paquetilla, dilluns 4 paquetilles, un paquet anglès i 6 llibre Payà, i ahir una paquetilla per correu. He rebut el toldo. Enviam junt amb la boina sacarina i per correu, precisament sense demora. Molts petots per a tots,



August 31, 1938

Dear Agus,

Yesterday I receive your letter fom August 24. I already knew your name day was in this month, but I didn’t know which day. Here is my gift: some days ago I sent you some post cards asking for a beret and a pair of shoes. Send this to me, I urgently need it. On Monday I received the packet with a peace of bacon, half bread, hazelnuts, 2 veins, perodixe, cotton, sweewing needle and thread. A week ago I received one tobacco packet, on Monday four packets, an English tobacco packet and six packs of cigarette paper. I’ve received the awning. Send sacarine with the beret through the mail, with no delay. Lots of kisses for all,