Catalog number 031 – Labor Camp Number 2

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Stationery postcard Edifil 78 (serial number A369447), with Barcelona roller postmark dated on September 9, 1938. Text on the back without date. No sender’s info, but signature. Dates in the chronology the sender spent in Labor Camp nr. 2.


Estimada Agus,

Ja fa un tres dies que vaig rebre l’última carta i no parles encara de la boina, etc. Si no has enviat encara el paquet, no l’enviïs, perquè ja passaré sense ell. Si veus a la Maria li dius que vaig rebre el paquet amb el tabac i que estaba conforme, i gràcias.

Estic bé, espero veureus prompte. Fes molts petons a tots. No puc escriure per falta de postals, i les poques que tinc les omplu sols per vosaltres,

Pep Blasi


Dear Agus,

Some three days ago I received your last letter, and you don’t say anything there about the beret. If you have not shipped the packet yet, don’t do it, I can stay without it. If you see Maria tell her I got her packet with tobacco and that it was all OK, and thanks.

I am fine, I hope to see you soon. Give lots of kisses to all. I can’t write as I lack post cards, and I use the few I still have to write to you,

Pep Blasi