Catalog number 033 – Labor Camp Number 2, Detachment in Tivissa

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May 29, 1938

Source: , lot CT039

Improvised postcard made of a notebook page. Unreadable roller postmark, but text dated on May 29, 1938.


Diumenge 29-5-38

Estimada mare, germa i avia: salut com yo disfruto, os desitxo per tots.

Ahi i avui os esparam el paquet, ens a fet molt estrany de que no hagia vingut, suposo que ya vara rebra la postal que dic que estem sols amb el Josep de Can Pau, estem més lluny de Hospitalet, al campament de la 2ª companyia. Porteunos oli i sal i tabacs.

Per mi estigeu tranquils, os o prego, que yo i el Josep estem juts i molt bé.

Res mes, el vostre Juan que molt os estima,

Joan Jorba

P.D. cuant porteu paquet poseui la direcció 1ª Secció 2ª Companyia


Sunday, May 29, 1938

Dear mother, brother and grandmother: I hope you are in good health like I am, this is my wish for you all.

Yesterday and today we were awaiting for the packet, we find it very rare it has not arrived, I guess you received the post card where I was saying we are alone with Josep from Can Pau, we are far from Hospitalet, in the camp of the 2nd company. Bring us olive oil, salt and tobbacco.

Do not worry for me, I beg you, as Josep and I are together and very well.

Nothing more to add, your Juan who loves you,

Joan Jorba

PS: When you send the packet write on the address 1st Section, 2nd Company.