Catalog number 035 – Labor Camp Number 2, Detachment in Tivissa

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June 15, 1938

Origin:, lot CT039

Stationery postcard Edifil 79M (serial number A5922108) with unreadable roller postmark, but text on the back dated on June 15, 1938. Despite no mention to labor camp number 2 anywhere, chronology shows this cart was written from the camp, as we know the sender was an inmate from May to September 1938. Also, the sender requests to receive packets throug Poble Español, where the SIM headquarters for labor camps was based.


Dimecres 15-6-38

Molt bolguda mara, germà i àvia. El diumenge varex rebra el paquet que vos em bara porta a Hospitalet i o vaix rebra tot, i vaix esta molt conten, de moment en lligi la carta el Josep va entendra que tu Joaquin avias pasat per aquesta carretera i axí us u dic en la postal que varem escriura en el moment de rebra el paquet, però ara ya am entes que vare se vos la que vare pasà, dons si veu arribà a la casilla que ve després de la bombardajada varo pasà molt a prop meu. El paquet feu com diu el Josep a casa seba, porteulo al Poble Espanyol (Recinta de la Esposició), porteume cebas, alls, patatas i si en tret mel, i targetas.

Una abrasada del vostra Juan Jorba.


Wednesday, June 15, 1938

Dear mother, brother and grandmother. On Sunday I received the packet you brought me to Hospitalet. I got it all and I was very happy. On a first moment, when Josep read your letter, we thought you had circulated on this road, and this is what I say you on the postcard we wrote after the reception of the packet, but now we have understood what happened: if you reached the building coming after the bombed house you were very close to me. To send the packet make what Josep tells to his people at home, bring it to Poble Espanyol (Exhibit buildings). Bring me onions, garlic, potatoes and if you have, honey, and post cards.

Hugs from yours, Juan Jorba.