Catalog number 038 – Labor Camp Number 2, Detachment in Tivissa

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July 10, 1938

Source:, lot CT039

Stationery postcard Edifil 79n (serial number A6526642), with no references making possible to deduct from the text that this post card comes out of a labor camp, but in the chronology of the sender, while Joan Jorba was interned.


Joaquim Jorba, 10-7-38

Volgud germà /mara/ i àvia: Per últim, veien que vosaltres no em voleu escriure, os escric cuatra ratllas per dirvos que estic bo i que ahi varex tení carta de la Maria, la meva cosina, que em dia la diricció del Peret. Pensen a escriruem i espliqueume com tic les terrurs i les anyadas.

Res més, una abrasada per tots vosaltres del vostre,

Joan Jorba R.


Joaquim Jorba, July 10, 1938

Dear brother, mother and grandmother: finally, as I see you don’t want to write to me, I send you a few letters to let you know I am well and that yesterday I got a letter from Maria, my cousin, telling me Peret’s address. Remember to write to me and let me know how my lands and harvests are.

Nothing more to tell, a hug to you all from yours,

Joan Jorba R.