Catalog number 039 – Labor Camp Number 2, Detachment in Tivissa

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September 10, 1938

Soure:, lot CT039

Stationery postcard Edifil 77A (serial number A5972432) with Barcelona roller mark dated on Sept 10, 1938 (all SIM’s labor camps correspondence was transferred to Barcelona, to Muntaner 55, and from there it was delivered to the mail. This is why they have Barcelona post marks). The text mentions the end of the packet shipping services throgh SIM’s headquarters in Poble Espanyol



Muy estimada mamá y demás familia: salud como la mía es buena.

Supongo que ya deveis estar enterados de que en el Pueblo Español ya no atmiten paquetes. Certificado por correo me madarás Tercusan y tabaco. No pongas nada de comida, porque es muy caro de certificar.

Hace tres o cuatro días que se a marchado el amigo Bartolomé. Supongo que ya vendrá a verte. Con esta tarjeta te contesto la tuya del 28, que es la última que he recivido.

De tu, Joaquín, estoy muy contento, porque me dices que as plantado tantas coles y monjetas.

Sin más que muchos recuerdos a la familia y tú, junto con Joaquín y yaya, recives un fuerte abrazo de tu hijo.

Juan Jorba


September 8, 1938

Dearest mom and family: I wish you are healthy as I am.

I guess you already know that packages are no longer admitted in Pueblo Español. Send me Tercusan* and tobacco via registered mail. Do not put food in the packet, as it is very expensive to send it registered.

Three or four days ago my friend Bartolomé left. I suppose he will come to visit you. With this post card I reply to yours from day 28, which is the last one I received.

I am very happy of you, Joaquín, as you tell me you have planted so many cabbages and beans.

Nothing else to explain, just regards for the family and for you, with Joaquín and granny, receive a big hug from your son,

Juan Jorba

*A brand of a product we couldn’t know what it was.