Catalog number 043 – Labor Camp Number 3

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November 29, 1938

Source: in a private collection

Postcard to Labor Camp nr 3, with no postmark but text dated on November 29, 1938. Return to sender mark “D” (for Devuelta) and pencil handwritten note “Baja” (this can be translated as “no longer in the camp”). Addressee info: Antonio Bassols Castells, Campo de Trabajo nº 3, Muntaner 55, bajos, Barcelona. “Begas” added by the postman requesting the return.


Queridísimo papá: hoy hemos recibido tu postal, alegrándono sepas nosotros. Todos deseamos verte pronto. Seguimos bien. Recuerdos mamá, besos y abrazos de tus hijos.

Carmina, Mª Rosa, Antonio B.

Begas, 29-11-38


Dearest dad: today we have received your post card, happy you have news from us. We all wish to see you soon. We are fine. Regards from mom, kisses and hugs from your children.

Carmina, Mª Rosa, Antonio B.

Begas, November 29, 1938