Catalog number 044 – Labor Camp Number 3

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December 31, 1938

Source:, lot CT040

Postcard franked with Edifil 749, unreadable postmark but text on the back dated on December 31, 1938. The sender’s name appears in the relation of people interned in the S.I.M. camps, on Appendix 19 of the study by Francesc Badia Els camps de treball a Catalunya durant la guerra civil, page 436. Sender’s info on the back: Juan Recasens, Campo 3.


Hoy 31-XII-38

Queridos todos:

Recibí paquete bien y carta. Yo sigo bien, así lo deseo para todos vosotros. Si podéis mandad alpargatas, pues las que recibí altas me fueron pequeñas y no puedo llevarlas, mi número es el 43.

Daros muchas gracias de los galalits [botones de galalita], me hacen mucho favor.

Esperando vernos pronto os abraza vuestro,



Juan Recasens

Campo 3 Dº [for “Destacamento”]

In brackets and on the left margin: “(postales)”


Today, December 31, 1938

Dear all:

I received the packet and the letter. I am still well, and I wish the same for you all. If you can send espadrilles, as those tall I received are small for me and I cannot wear them, my number is 43. I want to give you a lot of thanks for the buttons, they are very useful for me.

I hope to see you soon, recevie a hughe from your,



Juan Recasens

Camp 3 Dº [for “Detachment”strikethrough]

In brackets, on the left margin “(postcards)”