Catalog number 065 – Labor Camp number 2

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September 28, 1938

Source: family of the prisoner, probe to find his remains. Also published in Nistral (2016, 133)

Stationery postcard Edifil 77 (serial number A350137), sent to Ramon Malagarriga in Ametlla de Merola. The address says “per Manresa”, this is, via Manresa. This is an indication to the postal service of the route preferred or available. Sender’s info on the bottom left corner of the front: “Cam de Traball nº 2, Campamento, Base 8ª, C.C. nº 10”. Field post postmark dated on September 29, 1938. Text on the back dated on September 28, 1938, signed by the sender (Guillem Malagarriga) and with Figaró transit mark of October 2, 1938.

Labor Camp Number 2 was moved to Montferrer on September 25, 1938, and it was organized in five different camps or detachments. The offices of the camp were in Sallent de Castellbò, the main detachment was in Montferrer, and secondary camps were stablished in the woods of Comes de Burbre and Bigues, and in the village of Ars (Nistral, 2016, 101-103). As the sender mentions “campamento” (camp) alongside with “Labor Camp Number 2” in his sender’s address, he was for sure in one the mentioned secondary camps.


P[r]o[vincia] de Lerida, 28-9-38

Molt hapreciat pare, Desitgeria que al rebre aquesta estesiu gosan de salut, com es la meba fins are. Suposu que aureu tardad a tenir noticias mebas, el motiu es perquè varme tenir de cambiar de campament. El biatge que barem tenir he eser de 2 dieas. Per aquí encari i fa bastan bon tems, si podeu men bieu unas sabates. Espero noticias bostres. Mols recorts a la Teresa y a la Monserrat. Sel despadex el seu fill que mol le haprecia:

Guillem Malagarriga


Province of Lleida, September 28, 1938

Dearest father, I wish you enjoy a good health when you receive this postcard, as I am fine till now. I guess my notice have arrived late; the reason is because we had to move to another camp. We had a two days journey. We still have good weather here. If you can, send me a pair of shoes. I hope to receive news from you. Regards to Teresa and Montserrat. Greetins and love from your son:

Guillem Malagarriga