Catalog number 056 – Labor Camp Number 6

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August 11, 1938

Source: in a private collection

Stationery postcard Edifil 78a (serial number A6574763) with Tarragona postmark dated on August 12, 1938. Text on the back dated on August 11, 1938. Sender is Antonio Bassols Castells. No explicit marks from the camp, neither references to it in the text, but presumed to be sent from Labor Camp nr 6, as there is another postcard written seven days later by the same individual from this camp (see catalog number 057).



Queridísimos hijos:

Recibí vuestra cartita. Me llenó de alegría.

Deseo estéis todos perfectamente y no os falte de nada.

No dejéis de escribirme.

Saludos para mamá. Muchísimos besos de papá que os recuerda mucho,


Antº Bassols Castells


August 11, 1938

Dearest children:

I received your letter. It fulfilled me with happiness.

I wish you are perfectly and you don’t lack anything.

Do not stop writting to me.

Greetings for mom. Lots of kisses from dad, who remembers you a lot,


Antonio Bassols Castells