Senders and addressees


Bassols Castells, Antonio: Stocks agent in Barcelona, born on October 11, 1896. He was in Labor Camps 3 and 6. He survived his imprisonment and died in 1983 (see La Vanguardia, December 18, 1983, page 28.S

Blasi Mora, Ferran: We only know he was in a prison in Girona and in Preventorio A (Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona). He was brother of another SIM’s prisoner, Joan Blasi Mora.

Blasi Mora, Josep: He was arrested for sabotage on August 6, 1937 (see Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica, Signature DNSD-SECRETARIA,FICHERO,8,B0084681) and he was liberated on February 1939 near the French border, by Division 82 of the nationalist army, after having been transferred to Collell sanctuary when the Labor Camp Nr 2 was moved due to the proximity of the front. See La Vanguardia, February 22, 1939, page 4, “Relación de los liberados procedentes del Collell, atendidos en Olot por la División 82”. After the war we worked as taxi driver, and he died when he was 48 years old, on January 12, 1960, due to a train accident on a crossover in Hospitalet de Llobregat (see ABC, Jan 13, 1960, page 44).

Cabutí Clarabuch, Moisès: He was in Labor Camp Number 3. We haven’t found further references about the sender.

Corbella Amat, Rafael: We can’t tell much about this person, as we have found records from three different people sharing this same name: one was vice-president of centrist political party Partit Republicà d’Ordre de Catalunya, another one was a judge in Barcelona, and the last one was a writer and musician from Vic. The first two are more likely to have ended in Uruguay prison ship, due to their responsibilities. He was in Preventorio E, prison ship Uruguay.

Farnés Porcoi, Juan: We haven’t been able to locate any documents referring to this individual. He was in Labor Camp 6, Falset, and later in Porrera detachment.

Galicia Orcajo, Alberto: He was in Labor Camps 3 and 6, 3rd Detachment. See Francesc Badia: “Els camps de treball a Catalunya durant la guerra civil (1936-1939), page 414.

González del Río, Julio: We have found no records about this individual. He was in Labor Camp Nr 1.

González Juan, José: Retired Engineers lieutenant colonel (see La Vanguardia, Mar 12, 1933, page 4), who whas detained in April 1937 for being a fifth columnist and a falangist (see La Vanguardia, April 17, 1937, page 3). He was in Preventorio C (Barcelona’s seminar).

Jorba Rabentós, Joan: We have few info about this individual. Apparently, he was from Collbató and he was in Labor Camp Nr 2 and in Preventorio C (Barcelona’s seminar). He was freed and enroled the Republican army, with 34 Division, 218 Brigada Mixta, Base de instruccion, Base 8ª.

Malagarriga Ribalta, Guillem: interned in Labor Camp Nr 2. Arrested in October 1937 for desertion, when he tried to flee to Andorra. Kept in prison since October 28, 1937, and went on trial in February 8,1938. Mist have been sentenced to internment in labor camps, as he is found as prisoner in Camp Number 2 (probe to find his remains)

Mor Font, Plácido: Guard in Labor Camp Nr 4 (see Gazeta de la República Nr 154, June 3, 1938, pages 1177 & 1178 (row 124 on page 1178).

Pascual Semis, Pepe: Was sentenced to “maximum reclusion” by the Tribunal Popular of Lleida (see La Vanguardia, October 1, 1936, page 7) and he survived his imprisonment in Labor Camp Nr 4 (he was appointed Asesor Provincial de Campamentos y Albergues in a notice in the bookled “Organizaciones Juveniles, nr 1, 1940). This individual appears in the list of prisoners on apendix 19 of the work “Els campos de treball a Catalunya durant la guerra civil (1936-1939)”, by Francesc Badia (page 432).

Perea, Guillermo: We couldn’t gather any other information about this individual except he was in Labor Camp Nr 5.

Perearnau Viola, Fèlix: Printer from Barcelona. He was judged for desertion by a military court in Barcelona. The state prosecutor requested a sentence of 20 years in labor camps (see La Vanguardia, April 1, 1938, page 5). Interned in Labor Camp Nr 5. He survived his captivity and died on August 30, 1988 (see his obituary on La Vanguadia, August 31, 1988, page 16).

Pujol Poch, Joan: doctor from Barcelona, interned in Labor Camp Number 3 and Preventorio A (Montjuïc Castle). See BOLEDA i CASES, Ramon, “El camp de concentració núm- 3 dels Omells de Na Gaia durant la guerra civil. Testimoni del metge Joan Pujol i Poch”. URTX: revista cultural de l’Urgell. 2000. Nr. 13. p. 244-260.

Recasens Ventosa, Joan: Industrial. From Tarragona. Interned in Labor Camp number 3 in Omells de Na Gaia. The newspaper La Vanguardia, on its March 25, 1938 edition, page 4, also publishes a note by the Catalan Court for Espionage and High Trason explaining that the sender was sentenced to 25 years in labor camps.